Sad stories don’t get endings.

Once there was a girl who loved everything.

She loved the grass and dirt beneath her feet.

She loved the sky and all the clouds and birds in it.

She loved the animals of every shape and size.

She loved people of all shapes and sizes, even when they were not so loving to her.

But one day when the two most important people in her life stopped being loving to the little girl, she too lost her ability to love.

These two people she called Mom and Dad turned away from her.

They broke pieces off of the little girls’ soul, mind, and body.

Then, once they had taken what they could from her broken pieces they left her to pick up what was left.

For many years that little girl tried to make herself whole with what little she was left with but she could never fill in the empty spaces of her soul no matter how hard she tried.

She tried to fill her body and mind with sugars and spices and everything nice, but no matter what she fed the empty spaces it would never mend the broken pieces.

The empty spaces filled with anger, hate, and fear.

That little girl became so lost within her own denial of these feelings that she could not find her way back.

Without a compassionate guide to help her along her way she became bogged down in darkness and despair and does not know how to get out.

To this day that little girl is a grown woman so deep in an ocean of despair and human suffering that she has still not found her way out.

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