I want to hide from the world and at the same time be validated by it.

In my life I feel a lack of clear direction, of motivation.

My life is not picture perfect. My third eye does not see a perfect existence. Therefore what do I have to share with this world?

Most of what I have to say is based on a weird sense of impulse that lacks clearness and conciseness like all the other successful blogs and content creators pages that I’ve seen.

Maybe this is a first step. We all stumble when we’re starting out right?

Nobody runs before they walk. Cut yourself some slack, you idiot.

Thanks, me. I oughtta be more kind to you sometimes.

(Does this girl realize how crazy she’s being?)

Only God knows. Only God should know, because he/she’s the only entity with the ability to completely judge me.

I think I might try this on for size.

These random ramblings of a not-all-there woman, still searching for something in this life that evades me like opposite fucking magnets.

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